Up Your Grade Tutors originally launched across Harrogate and Yorkshire in February 2015. It was founded by Andrew Gardner, a fully qualified secondary Science teacher of GCSE and A-Level Biology (BSc. Hons, PGCE Science)

Andrew is originally from Lancashire and after graduating from Leeds University in 1999 moved out to rural Japan and taught English in over 20 Japanese High Schools for 2 years. Upon return to the UK he then moved over to Yorkshire to begin a Secondary PGCE in Science at Leeds University in 2004. Andrew then worked for 8 years as science and A-level Biology teacher, firstly at Abbey Grange C of E High School. Following a promotion, he worked at Harrogate High School where he held the Second in Science post, until 2013.

Andrew now tutors science to GCSE and A-Level Biology students in Harrogate and towns and villages across North Yorkshire for all major exam board specifications. He is also a registered exam marker for A-Level Biology with AQA.

Following the launch of Up Your Grade Tutors in Yorkshire the company now successfully provides excellent tutor specialists to both families and schools across the United Kingdom.

Why Choose Us?

The majority of Up Your Grade’s parents and students are certainly looking to ‘Improve Exam Performance’ and we have a fantastic group of tutors who are hand-picked and do this very successfully. They are either former colleagues from the schools Andrew has worked in or recruited after a face-to-face meeting and detailed DBS and reference checks. We are not a faceless national tutor agency offering you a huge list of tutors to pick from yourself. We are generally able to offer a couple of suggestions straight away, based on what you son or daughter requires and we pride ourselves in getting this first stage right.

The parents and students we have placed tutors for have praised our service with comments including:

“(you) helped me when I didn’t know how to go about finding the right tutor”

“You made sensible suggestions and made an active effort to discuss my requirements to check (the tutor’s) fit”

“I found the service provided was quick and efficient, I was contacted back very quickly and promptly given tutor options in my area.”

We pride ourselves on having a professional feel to communications with all our parents and tutors and regularly checking in with all parties and feeding back their comments. Clearly using one of Up Your Grade’s tutors is a both a financial and time investment. We feel our tutors offer excellent value from the pool of tutors out there and if you take a look at our testimonials page and our Facebook reviews you will see how the time and money invested has paid off for students of all abilities and ages. Our parents are certainly not all just looking for A*s; they are trying to improve their child’s opportunities of future academic success and embed knowledge, study skills and confidence which are transferable to other subjects and used in many areas of their future studies and working lives.

Up Your Grade’s Ethos


  1. SERIOUS about providing quality tutors to help raise students’ confidence to prepare for and perform in high-stakes tests and assessments
  2. DEDICATED to identifying and placing the best quality tutors available to deliver effective teaching and learning to our students
  3. ALWAYS there for our parents, students and tutors
  4. INDEPENDENT and focused on continuous self-improvement through learning and innovation


About Us

Up Your Grade Tutors is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and founded by by Andrew Gardner, Biology and Science teacher, and Chris Smith-Dunn in 2015.

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