Once you have completed our online Book a Tutor form we will contact you and put forward suitable potential tutors.

If a suggested tutor fits with your requirements we will ask the tutor to give you a call and arrange an initial time slot that suits all parties.

Usually, the first 15 minutes, of the first session, will usually involve a discussion between you, your child and the tutor to determine current areas and issues which require attention. They will also cover your child’s academic history, target levels or aspirational grades and what learning resources your child has or prefers using. Ideally, the remainder of the session should be a chance for your child and the appointed tutor to make a start on some targeted content so the tutor can as ascertain an initial ability level. We will be in contact with you after this first session to see how you and your child found it and confirm the regular arrangement going forward. All session payments are paid directly to the tutor after each session. Further terms and advice for parents new to tutoring is available upon request.



About Us

Up Your Grade Tutors is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and founded by by Andrew Gardner, Biology and Science teacher, and Chris Smith-Dunn in 2015.

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