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Our relationships with our parents and tutors are very important to us.

Here are just a few of the nice things our parents and students have said about us this year:

“Just wanted to let you know I got a C in A-Level Maths altogether (I got a C in Chemistry and B in Biology) I’ve been accepted to go to Liverpool university to study Orthoptics as I wanted and am very pleased and excited for September! I want to thank you for all your help!! I really couldn’t have done it without you, I’ll definitely be recommending you to others.”
Iqra (Student), Leeds, 2016

“I’ve been offered a place at Liverpool university which I’m really happy about. I got an A in French, an A in Maths and my other C in Biology! Please say thank you to Roy for all his help.”
Madeleine (Student), Harrogate, 2016

“Henry did really well in his A levels, he turned his AS C grade in Chemistry to an A and (he’s) off to Newcastle to study Chemical Engineering, Emma was brilliant. Thank you so much.”
Phillipa, Knaresborough, 2016

“For my part I was extremely pleased with the tutors.  Roy was a very good fit for Helen and although she’s still found maths A2 extremely hard, he gave her the confidence to look at the questions in a variety of ways and we were very happy with him.”
Sarah, Harrogate, 2016

“Osan was perfect for Gus, who was initially reluctant to have a tutor. The fact Gus could identify with him as a ‘young’ tutor and his friendly engaging manner overcame his initial concerns.  It helped tremendously that Gus could ask questions at home rather than in class – which may not have happened (without this opportunity).”
Susan, Harrogate, 2016

“Well, Harriet did get her A in Chemistry – we are all very pleased and all the hard work finally paid off. Thank you for your help!”
Claire, Harrogate, 2016

“Just wanted to let you know that Nick has done really well in his GCSEs. He achieved A*, A, A in his Sciences. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’ll be in touch re tutoring for Ollie this Autumn.”
Heather, Harrogate, 2016

“Danielle got CCD and is heading off to Manchester Met to do Finance and Maths. We are really pleased the help you have provided. Many thanks.”
Audrey, Harrogate, 2016

“I got A*, A, A! Nice sigh of relief as it means I have the grades to apply for medicine. Many thanks for all your help in Biology over the past 2 years!”
Mike (Student), Harrogate, 2016

“Max got a B in his AS Biology, thank you for everything, Max was really pleased.”
Tracey, Harrogate, 2016

“Thank you for arranging Anne to see my daughter. We’ve booked for next week and absolutely thrilled. What an interesting lady to talk to! Just what Ella needs and Anne was full of helpful info and has agreed to tutor Ella over the summer holidays. Couldn’t be happier and relieved after her mock results. Thank you so much.”
Louise, Harrogate, 2016

“Sam is doing so well (with Mel). He’s happier at school and happy to work with her and is very good with him. Hoping it’s going to help a fair bit.”
Angela, Ripon, 2016

“We think Liam did brilliantly thanks to his hard work and of course our Maths saviour Leanne! Thankyou both.”
Lola, Harrogate, 2016

“I’m so over the moon to tell you Lochie got ABB and got his first choice of Manchester. He was one mark off an A in Drama!! I can’t thankyou enough for all your help.”
Bev, Harrogate, 2016

“Both twins passed their Sciences with a C!! Both into 6th form. Thank you for all your help!”
Claire, Harrogate, 2016

“Maddie got a C in Statistics. She says the tuition did help and I would like to recommend Nikki as she was very committed and did go the extra mile.”
Wumba, Harrogate, 2016

“Evan achieved a C grade in Maths taking the higher paper. Please pass our thanks onto Nikki. We don’t feel Evan would have passed without her tutoring.”
Elaine, Ripon, 2016

Need some further reassurance? Call Martin!

We appreciate you may not have tried to find a private tutor before and might be unsure of what it is like to use one. To help put your mind at rest one of our parent clients, Martin, has kindly offered to act as a parent advocate of Up Your Grade Tutors. He is happy to answer any questions you may have with the process of engaging with one of our tutors and the positive impact it has had on his son, Michael. His recent testimonial is on our Facebook page.

Please call us on 0800 998 9141 and we can put you in touch with Martin, who lives in Harrogate.

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Up Your Grade Tutors is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and founded by by Andrew Gardner, Biology and Science teacher, and Chris Smith-Dunn in 2015.

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