Wetherby Tutors and Tuition in Wetherby

Up Your Grade Tutors, Wetherby has an excellent team of private academic tutors who can help you find a tutor in Wetherby and its surrounding villages.

Private tuition is an excellent way to increase the chances of success across a range of school subjects and exams, from Primary level, through GCSE and A-Level.

Our core team of private tutors in the Wetherby area can cover the main secondary GCSE subjects of Maths, English and Science. We have GCSE Science subject specialists for Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as various foreign language tutors for French and Spanish and popular option subjects such as History and Geography.


To request an Up Your Grade tutor for Wetherby or  surrounding villages please complete our tutor finder or call 0800 991 9141.

About Us

Up Your Grade Tutors is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and founded by by Andrew Gardner, Biology and Science teacher, and Chris Smith-Dunn in 2015.

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