GCSE/Key Stage 3 Tutors

Starting secondary school is an exciting time for children but the prospect of so many individual subjects can mean it is a bit daunting for others.

At KS3, our tuition philosophy is all about getting the basics right and instilling confidence into our students to tackle learning independently and enjoy the challenge of studying topics in much more depth.

Working with a subject specific tutor can ease the jump between primary school and KS3 and limit any barriers to learning and future progression. Our specialist subject tutors cover all the main National Curriculum subjects in addition to Maths, English, Science and modern languages.

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GCSE/Key Stage 4 Tutors

Our subject specialist tutors, many of whom work in local schools, have experience of all current syllabi including AQA, OCR, and Edexcel for both GCSE and IGCSE specifications.

At KS4 all students will have GCSE subjects they prefer or are stronger in. Working 1-2-1 with the right tutor can motivate and produce improvements in grades from all starting levels. It might be getting from a grade 6 to achieving that grade 7 or 8 needed to gain access to a crucial A-Level course to help you towards your dream career. Your child may have missed some schooling, for whatever reason, or struggles with exam technique. Just as likely is the need to gain a grade 4 or 5 from a position below this benchmark grade.

In either case, we have the right tutors to support and encourage them through this journey. Our tutors can also help with the preparation and skills needed to be successful in controlled assessments and coursework at any point in the year. Tutoring at KS4 is focused more on specifically what students will be assessed on in their end of year exams, guided by the specification and past papers; with the ultimate aim being to Up Your current Grade!

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About Us

Up Your Grade Tutors originally launched across Harrogate and Yorkshire in February 2015. It was founded by Andrew Gardner, a fully qualified secondary Science teacher of GCSE and A-Level Biology (BSc. Hons, PGCE Science).

The majority of Up Your Grade’s parents and students are certainly looking to ‘Improve Exam Performance’ and we have a fantastic group of tutors in Harrogate and Yorkshire who are hand-picked and do this very successfully.

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