Up Your Grade Tutor’s aim is to make the process of finding and working with the right tutor as simple as possible, so your child can get started as soon as possible.

There are no hidden arrangement fees, contracts or charges to obtain potential tutor’s details. Our tutors typically charge an hourly rate of between £40 and £50 per hour and it is payable directly to the tutor, after each session. To get the best value out of a tutor most of our students have weekly tuition. You’ll see improvements in your child’s confidence very quickly and huge benefits in achievement after 2 to 3 months, on average.

All our tutors pay a monthly commission to obtain work through us. Whilst you have an Up Your Grade recommended tutor we’re here any time you need any help or advice.

Although clearly a financial investment now, the long term benefits your child will enjoy; one, two, five, or even ten years into their chosen careers will be incredible! 

If for any reason a booked session needs to be altered or re-arranged all we ask is you give our tutors at least 48 hours’ notice so tutors can schedule other work in its place. For full terms and conditions and a parents’ guide to successful tuition please get in touch

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About Us

Up Your Grade Tutors originally launched across Harrogate and Yorkshire in February 2015. It was founded by Andrew Gardner, a fully qualified secondary Science teacher of GCSE and A-Level Biology (BSc. Hons, PGCE Science).

The majority of Up Your Grade’s parents and students are certainly looking to ‘Improve Exam Performance’ and we have a fantastic group of tutors in Harrogate and Yorkshire who are hand-picked and do this very successfully.

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